Online Courses

Portfolio Development

Key Features

  1. Introduction
  2. Thinking in Themes
  3. Editing on a Technical & Aesthetic Level
  4. Grouping by Quality Level
  5. Adding New Images
  6. Improving Your Portfolio
  7. Where You Can Go
  8. Putting It All Together
  • Develop portfolios with consistent quality.
  • Learn to edit with thematic interest.
  • Improve your presentations.

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Inspiring Nature Photography:
The Essentials

Key Features

  1. Landscape Photography: focusing on the main ingredients
  2. Regarding Light: how to recognize good lighting conditions
  3. Using the Frame: how to compose an effective landscape image
  4. The Magic Element: expressing and sharing emotions in your work
  • For serious hobbyists, intermediates and advanced students.
  • Learn to use a fine quality of light.
  • How to apply interesting and dynamic image design.
  • Discover how emotional content can engage the viewer.
  • Give yourself this gift: Learn to master the art of fine landscape photography!

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